Part 3: Friends & Family

As promised, here is the final segment of the three part series. As you may remember, I drove up to the Bay Area for Devang & Shalini’s wedding with my parents a few weeks ago. At the wedding, I got to see all of the Asha folks again. Seeing them was like traveling back in time. Surbhi, Dev, Sapan, Suchitha, Shaon, Abhinaya and I caught up, laughed, joked, and bonded over the lifetime commitment that one of our close friends was making. We even danced a little. Check out the pictures below. Photo credit to Abhinaya and her awesome camera =).

Also, here’s a video of Dev dancing at the wedding. Too good not to share =).

On Sunday afternoon, I took my parents out to the Marina in Berkeley. We strolled along the shore line and walked on the pier. It was a special experience for my family and I, having traveled very little in the past. My only regret was that my brother couldn’t be there. The next day, my parents and I went to San Fransisco to complete some paperwork and then had lunch at the Loving Hut in Westfield Mall before traveling back down in the afternoon. Here are some pictures:


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