Touring the Getty Center with Erin

After returning from my trip to the Bay Area, I had some fun adventures with Erin at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. The Getty is one of two museums funded by an oil tycoon. The museums are internationally renowned, this one being the most well known.

View of the Getty from the garden.

As we stepped into the main building, we saw my favorite part. There was an art piece in the main entrance building created by high school students from LAUSD. The work critically looked at whose values are promoted in society and whether they are good or bad. Social justice folks in the room would have really loved this.

Afterwards, I went to explore the outdoor garden exhibit. This is one of my favorite parts of the museum.

Lastly we explored the pre-17th century and 17th century art buildings and the Turner Exhibit. Here were some of my favorites. There were just too many great paintings to put on here, so I uploaded a gallery instead. You can view it here.


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