First Friday Art Walk in Oakland, CA

Hi everyone,

To kick off the first week of June, I went to First Friday Art Walk in Oakland with Abhinaya and Johnathon. We walked through a street filled with live drumming, music, artists painting works, hand-made jewelry, and of course Pete’s Coffee and Tea was giving away free samples of their coffee. While at the Petes stand, I saw a woman pedal a bicycle blender.  Enough said. Here we go.

Pete’s Coffee and Tea Bike Blender!
This was the first art gallery we walked into. I didn’t get the name of it, but it was pretty cool. On the inside, there were flyers and posters in support of #blacklivesmatter. I’d love to check this out again at some point during the summer.
This was the first big art mural we saw on our walk. It looks like a cross between a lion/wolf and ducks with upside down faces. I love the vivid colors and repeating patterns.
The next exhibit we entered was the Johansson Projects. This place had some really interesting art work patterns. You can check out more on their website:
This was one of the art works on the wall of the Johansson Projects exhibit. They did a lot of monotone repeating patterns. The variation in the patterns makes it really interesting to look at. I could have stared at the intricacy of this work for hours.
The next place we went to was very different. It featured a lot more playful and child-like pieces. This one was my favorite. Its two friends walking together. In the bodies of the two friends is a painting of the universe.
On our way back, we saw a huge variety of murals painted on the businesses. This one conveys a lot of intricacy. I love the message on top of the door, “Give & Love”
This one was right across the street from the “Give & Love” mural. In stark contrast, this conveys a more sad, contemplative image of life in Oakland.
Lastly, across the street from both of those murals was this image of animals, jungles, and flowers.

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