Planning Between USC and the Community

Our Planning Theory class ended on Tuesday, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on phenomenology activity (Thanks Professor Drake). For this class, our assignment was to take a stroll around USC and the neighborhood and share what we discovered. A group of students and I headed towards the south side of campus towards Exposition Park. As we got closer, we discovered, there was no crosswalk between the surrounding community and the park. I was shocked that USC hadn’t invested in a walkway between the community and the school. It was such a contrast to the beautifully paved crosswalks just a block away. It created a very unwelcoming and unsafe environment for pedestrians from both the school and the community.

20151006_163217 20151006_163233 20151006_163211

Given we couldn’t walk to the park since there were no crosswalks, we decided to explore the surrounding homes and buildings near the freeway. As we passed by homes, I saw a block of beautiful gated homes housing multiple families. Upon approaching the end of the block, we saw a large homeless community near the freeway entrance. People from the community were outside talking to each other.

20151006_163304 20151006_163323 20151006_163406 20151006_163531 20151006_163717 20151006_163739 20151006_163747 20151006_163750 20151006_163917

On the way back, we passed more homes with beautiful gardens. Afterwards, we walked underneath the freeway to get back to campus. I noticed the Metro Station entrance, and several USC Community Ambassadors at key pathways to the campus. It was an interesting experience, and one I rarely have the opportunity to glimpse.

20151006_164003 20151006_164024 20151006_164519 20151006_164547 20151006_164601 20151006_164852 20151006_164910 20151006_165003 20151006_165134


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